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Demand for silicon and wafers is rising rapidly, fuelled in particular by the fast-growing solar market and the steady expansion of the semiconductor industry. From raw silicon to the final wafer, large amounts of argon, hydrogen and nitrogen are required along the entire process chain. In addition, polysilicon and wafer manufacturers need electronic gases and chemicals that comply with the most stringent purity and consistency standards. At the same time, cost and environmental pressures call for greater process efficiencies.

Crystalline silicon wafers are the backbone of the global microelectronics industry. In addition, sophisticated epiwafers featuring silicon-on-insulator (SOI), strained silicon (sSi), silicon germanium (SiGe) or other III-V compound semiconductors are becoming more important the further the semiconductor roadmap ITRS advances.

In the PV industry the quality and production cost of wafers have an increasingly important role.

For all wafer types Linde Electronics offers gas solutions via on-site, bulk or cylinder supply completed by our expert services and state-of the art hardware including purifiers.

picture source: Bosch Solar Energy AG

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