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The adoption of solid state (LED) lighting is increasing rapidly, with high growth end uses such as LCD TV backlighting and low power general illumination.

LED manufacturing uses large quantities of nitrogen, high purity ammonia, hydrogen and arsine/phosphine, and Linde is ideally placed to support the industry growth wherever it emerges through its turn key capabilities, comprehensive electronic materials portfolio and global supply chain.

We complement our electronic materials portfolio and global supply chain with turnkey capabilities for larger LED fabs. These on-site facilities ensure a continuous, monitored and flexible supply of gas. Standardised and modular designs give you the added benefit of maximum cost efficiencies and reliability.

Our offering includes:

- High-purity ammonia Supply solutions

- High-purity grades of arsine/phosphine

- SPECTRA-N™ on-site nitrogen generators

- On-site high-purity hydrogen generators.

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