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We feel obliged to deal with your personal data in a confidential, secure manner. You are not only protected by data privacy laws, but also as a result of our endeavours to respect your right to informational self-determination.

Use and limited use of personal data

When you visit our websites, we collect your visitor data for market research purposes in addition to the management and improvement of our services. We process and use your personal data to deal with your enquiries as well as for our legitimate business objectives.


We only collect personal data for purposes approved by you and only to the required extent. You are liable to decide whether you fill out a form, thereby consciously entrusting us with your data.

We do not pass on your data to third parties outside our company without notifying you in advance. Our websites may offer links to external websites which remain the responsibility of the provider in question, this to expand and increase our own service range. We respect your right to disagree with recommendations like these.

Right of access

We respect your data privacy rights. We shall issue you with the legally stipulated information regarding the personal data stored about you upon request. We endeavour to guarantee the accuracy of your personal data. Please inform us of any changes and corrections.

Data security

We have taken technical and organisational measures to ensure your personal data is protected. We endeavour to update our security procedures on a regular basis.

Enforcing your data privacy rights

Our employees are subject to various secrecy requirements. The operational data protection representatives and internal revisions additionally maintain data protection standards.

Should you have any questions regarding your data protection, please do not hesitate to consult Linde Electronics:

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