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As the leading supplier of gases, supply solutions and services, we have an exceptional focus on customer value and are exclusively and fully dedicated to the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry in Europe.  We engage with our customers as partners, providing them with leading edge technology, customized services and state of the art products. Our company culture is built on trust, integrity and openness.

Safety, quality, environment and health are at the core of everything we do.  Our performance and success relies on our flexibility and ability to act quickly, the competency of our people and a dynamic and positive team spirit. Furthermore, Linde Electronics combines the advantages of dedicated local presence with a global network of experts, technologies and supply chains. 

By providing products of highest quality and safety we contribute to the improvement of life and the protection of the environment.  Our business is based on the application of a robust and documented quality management system according to ISO 9001/14001.

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